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Anything Indian offers herbal pharmaceuticals of Zandu, which is named after the founder and celebrated herbal specialist of 19th century Vaidhya Zandu Bhattji who was known across Indian subcontinent for offering specialized products in Ayurvedic cure. The brand offers rare set of herbal healthcare products for people in every age group, and every product has been passed through stringent set of tests and quality checks to ensure high-quality herbal healthcare. Our buyers can order unbeaten herbal healthcare(ayurvedic) slimming capsules , fat free massage oils, arthritis joint pain capsules, herbal healthcare capsules / syrups for blood purification , herbal eye drops for relief from eye infections / pain, herbal capsules for improving digestion, cure for liver problems and a number of widely tested herbal healthcare Zandu products at our store.

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2 X Zandu Brento Syrup - 200 ml
Our price: $ 32.00
2 X Zandu Infee - 100 ml
Our price: $ 25.00