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AIInternational We've heard it countless times from people that regret leaving items behind or just not having the time or space to bring back their favorite things from India. We're here to bridge the gap. We aspire to bring you items which you'd otherwise have to travel to India for. We bring you hard to find, quality products for the best price, We even have our very own shipping refund policy, and i'm certain you won't find that elsewhere. Just as you won't find anyone that can fuly customize your products to the way you want them. Unfortunately many decorative items in todays trendy world market lack originality and personality.

Crafted through the vision of artisans with centuries of experience our pieces have history and stories behind them, and if you customize, then the stories can be your own to tell. Many of these pieces are ones that you can treasure in your family for generations, as they are of high quality, rarity and meticulous craftsmanship. They transcend the aura of elegance, and sophistication that reaches out to those that appreciate their aesthetic prowess. Nourished from craft traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. It is very special to be a part of this continuity and we value this revolving relationship. The best products at the best price.

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Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/3 in 1
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/5 in 1
A.I. Sales
Groceries/Food Items/Spices/Spice Mixes/Aachi Masala
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Acidity/Digestion
Movies/By Genre/Action Movies
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Aimil Pharmaceuticals
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Alarsin
Beauty Products/By Brand/Aloe Veda
Kitchen Products/By Type/Aluminum
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Amrutanjan
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Ancient Indian History
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Antioxidants
Beauty Products/By Brand/Aroma Magic
Beauty Products/By Brand/Aroma Treasures
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Arthritis/Joint Pain
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Arya Aushadhi Pharmaceutical
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Arya Vaidya Pharmacy
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Asthma
Beauty Products/By Brand/AuraVedic
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Aveleha & Pak
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Ayurvedic Specialties
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Ayush Therapy
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BABY PRODUCTS/Baby Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BABY PRODUCTS
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Back Pain
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Baidyanath Herbal
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/Bakson's Homeopathy
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Balpharma
Beauty Products/By Brand/Ban Labs Ltd.
Beauty Products/By Brand/Banjaras Herbal
Home Decor & Furnishings/Bedding
Home Decor & Furnishings/Bedding/Bedding Sets
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Bhasma
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Biography
Beauty Products/By Brand/Biotique
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Bipha Products
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Blood Pressure
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Blood Purifier
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Body Lotion/Body Wash
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Body Oil
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Body Treatment
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Bone Fitness
Books & Magazines/Books
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Buddhist Tales
Beauty Products/By Brand
Kitchen Products/By Brand
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand
Movies/By Genre
Movies/By Languages
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose
Kitchen Products/By Type
Beauty Products/By Type/Use
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Calcium Sandoz
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Capsules
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Cardio/Heart Care
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Churna
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Chyawanprash
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Cleanser/Face Wash/Toner
Movies/By Genre/Comedy Movies
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Constipation
Kitchen Products/By Type/Appliances/Cooker
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Corns
Home Decor & Furnishings/Decorative/Cushion Covers/Cotton Cushion Covers
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Cough & Cold
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs/Cream
Sporting Goods/Sports Clothing/Cricket Apparel
Home Decor & Furnishings/Decorative/Cushion Covers
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur
Groceries/Food Items/Dals & Lentils
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dhathri Herbals
Clothing & Accessories/Men's Clothing/Dhoti's
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Diab Life
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Diabetic Care/Glucose Regulator
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/DiaBliss
Holiday Items/Diwali
Holiday Items/Diwali/Diwali Sweet/Dry Fruit Hampers
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/Dr Reckeweg (Germany) Homeopathy
Movies/By Genre/Drama Movies
Beauty Products/By Brand/English Blazer
Books & Magazines/Magazines/English Magazines
Beauty Products/By Brand/Eva
Groceries/Food Items/Spices/Spice Mixes/Everest
Beauty Products/By Brand/EverYuth
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Eye Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/MAKE UP/COSMETICS/Eyeliner/Kajal/Mascara/Eye Shadow
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Face Cream & Lotion /Fairness /Sun Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Face Treatment
Beauty Products/By Brand/Faces
Beauty Products/By Brand/Fair & Lovely
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Fever
Beauty Products/By Brand/Fiama Di Wills
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Folk Tales & Legends
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Fort Herbal Drugs
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/MAKE UP/COSMETICS/Foundation/Loose Powder/Pressed Powder
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/FRAGRANCES
Beauty Products/By Brand/Franch
Beauty Products/By Brand/Garnier
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/General Health
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care
Groceries/Food Items/Ghee & other oils
Holiday Items/Diwali/Gift Sets
Beauty Products/By Brand/Gillette
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Goodcare Pharma
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Green Calls Musli Segro
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Green Healthcare
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Gufic Bioscience Products
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Guggulu
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Gum Tone Gel & Powder
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/HAIR CARE
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/HAIR CARE/Hair Color
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Hair Loss/Premature Greying
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs/Hair Oil
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Hair Oil
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Hair Shampoo
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/HAIR CARE/Hair Treatment/ By Oil/Tonic/Gel/Lotion
Groceries/Food Items/Sweets & Snacks/Haldiram Snacks
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wash
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Headache
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Health Care
Beauty Products/By Brand/Himalaya
Books & Magazines/Magazines/Hindi Magazines
Movies/By Languages/Hindi Movies
Holiday Items/Holi
Holiday Items
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/Homeopathic Medicine/ADEL GERMANY
Homeopathy Medicine
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/Iba Halal Care
Beauty Products/By Brand/Iba Halal Care
Kitchen Products/By Brand/Ideal
Kitchen Products/By Type/Stainless Steel/Idli Cooker & Stands
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Imis Pharmaceuticals
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Immuno Modulator
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Indulekha
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Jain Tales
Beauty Products/By Brand/Jovees
Beauty Products/By Brand/Kama Ayurveda
Beauty Products/By Brand/Khadi
Clothing & Accessories/Children's Clothing/Kid's Dhoti Kurti
Clothing & Accessories/Children's Clothing/Kid's Kurta Pajama
Clothing & Accessories/Children's Clothing/Kid's Sherwani
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Kidney/Renal/Urinary Problem
Holiday Items/Rakhi Bandhan/Kids Rakhi
A.I. Sales/Kitchenware Sale
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Kupipakwa Rasayana
Beauty Products/By Brand/L'Oreal
Beauty Products/By Brand/L'Oreal Professional
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Lack of Appetite
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Lactation/Breast Feeding
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs/Liniment
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Lip Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/MAKE UP/COSMETICS/Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Liner
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Liver Regulator
Beauty Products/By Brand/Livon
Beauty Products/By Brand/Lomani
Beauty Products/By Brand/Lotus Herbals
Beauty Products/By Brand/Lux
Books & Magazines/Magazines
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Maharishi Ayurveda
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/MAKE UP/COSMETICS
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Makers of Modern India
Books & Magazines/Magazines/Malayalam Magazines
Beauty Products/By Brand/Matrix - Lo'real
Beauty Products/By Brand/Maybelline
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Mederma Scar Cream
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs/Medicine
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Memory/Concentration
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Men's Health Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/FRAGRANCES/Men/Women/Kids
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Menstrual Disorders
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Midas Care Pharmaceuticals
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Midieval Indian History
Kitchen Products/By Type/Aluminum/Milk Boiler
Kitchen Products/By Type/Stainless Steel/Milk Boiler
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Monuments & Cities
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Muscular Pain
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Mythology
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/MAKE UP/COSMETICS/Nail Polish
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Nasal Drops
Beauty Products/By Brand/Nature's Essence
Clothing & Accessories/Accessories/Jewelry/Necklaces
Beauty Products/By Brand/Nivea
Kitchen Products/By Type/Non-Stickware
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Obesity/Weight Loss
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Obesity/Weight Loss
Beauty Products/By Brand/Olay
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Oral Care
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Organic India
Beauty Products/By Brand/Oriflame
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Panchatantra & Hitopadesha
Beauty Products/By Brand/Pantene
Groceries/Food Items/Ready to Eat Entrees/Parampara
Groceries/Food Items/Spices/Spice Mixes/Parampara mixes
Clothing & Accessories/Accessories/Jewelry/Necklaces/Party Wear Necklace Sets
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Pedicure
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Poets & Singers
Clothing & Accessories/Accessories/Jewelry/Necklaces/Polki Necklace Sets
Beauty Products/By Brand/Pond's
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Pregnancy
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Men's Health Care/Premature Ejaculation
Kitchen Products/By Type/Appliances/Pressure Cooker
Kitchen Products/By Brand/Prestige
Kitchen Products/By Type/Stainless Steel/Puttu Maker
Holiday Items/Rakhi Bandhan
Holiday Items/Rakhi Bandhan/Rakhi Gift Hampers
Holiday Items/Rakhi Bandhan/Rakhi with Cards
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Ras-Rasayana
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Ras-Rasayana (with Gold & Pearl)
Beauty Products/By Brand/Rasasi
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/FRAGRANCES/Rasasi Perfumes
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Regional Classics
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Respiratory Disorder
Beauty Products/By Brand/Revlon
Movies/By Genre/Romantic Movies
Beauty Products/By Brand/Royal Mirage
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Saints of Modern India
Groceries/Food Items/Spices/Spice Mixes/Sakthi
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Sanskrit Classics
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/SBL Homeopathy
Homeopathy Medicine/By Brand/Schwabe Homeopathy
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Sexual Health
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Sexual Health
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Sexual Wellness
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Men's Health Care/Sexual Wellness
Beauty Products/By Brand/Shahnaz Hussein Herbal
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/HAIR CARE/Shampoo/Conditioner
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE/Shaving Care
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Sikh History
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Sinus Control
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Skin Care
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/SKIN CARE
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Skin Disorders/Dermatology
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Skin Ointment
Groceries/Food Items/Sweets & Snacks/Snacks
Beauty Products/By Type/Use/BODY CARE/Soap/Talc
Sporting Goods/Sports Clothing/Soccer (futbol) Jerseys/Soccer (futbol) Club Jerseys
Sporting Goods/Sports Clothing/Soccer (futbol) Jerseys
Groceries/Food Items/Spices/Spice Mixes
Groceries/Food Items/Spices
A.I. Sales/Sporting Goods Sale
Kitchen Products/By Type/Stainless
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/General Health Care/Stress Relief
Beauty Products/By Brand/Sunsilk
Holiday Items/Diwali/Sweets
Groceries/Food Items/Sweets & Snacks
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Syrup
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Capro Labs/Syrup
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Charak/Tablets
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Tales from the Epics and the Vedas
Books & Magazines/Magazines/Tamil Magazines
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Teachers and Saints
Books & Magazines/Magazines/Telugu Magazines
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/The Freedom Struggle
Movies/By Genre/Thriller Movies
Books & Magazines/Books/Amarchitrakatha Books/Travellers to India
Beauty Products/By Brand/TRESemme
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Urinary Disorder
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Men's Health Care/Urinary Disorders
Beauty Products/By Brand/Vasu
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Vasu Pharma Herbals
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Dabur/Vati
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/VCare Aroma Herbal
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Vista Nutritions
Beauty Products/By Brand/VLCC
Beauty Products/By Brand/W2
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care
Health & Ayurveda/By Purpose/Women's Health Care/Women's Health Tonic
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Zandu
Health & Ayurveda/By Brand/Zenith Nutrition
Kitchen Products/By Type/Appliances
Sporting Goods/Indian Games
Clothing & Accessories/Accessories/Jewelry
Clothing & Accessories/Men's Clothing/Kurta Pyjamas
Kitchen Products/By Type/Cutlery
Home Decor & Furnishings/Decorative
Clothing & Accessories/Men's Clothing/Shirts
Sporting Goods/Sports Clothing
Religious & Healing/Statues
Sporting Goods/Cricket Equipment
Religious & Healing/Paintings
Home Decor & Furnishings/Other
Kitchen Products/By Type/Preparation
Religious & Healing/Other
Clothing & Accessories/Men's Clothing/Sherwanis
Kitchen Products/By Type/Stainless Steel
Clothing & Accessories/Women's Clothing/Sari
Clothing & Accessories/Women's Clothing
Wood Products
Stone Products
Religious & Healing
Beauty Products
Books & Magazines/Books/General Books
Health & Ayurveda
Clothing & Accessories/Women's Clothing/Kurti
Clothing & Accessories/Men's Clothing
Clothing & Accessories/Children's Clothing
Clothing & Accessories/Accessories
Wood Products/Other Wood Products
Clothing & Accessories/Women's Clothing/Salwar Kameez
Home Decor & Furnishings
Kitchen Products
Groceries/Food Items
Books & Magazines
Books & Magazines/Books/English
Sporting Goods
Toys & dolls
Clothing & Accessories