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The Tabla is a set of two drums which evolved from a single double-ended drum similar to the Pakhawaj, which is still played in India today. The right hand drum bears the name Dayan or Tabla and is the higher pitched of the two drums. It is played with rapid tapping of the fingers with the index finger left in contact with the edge of the skin to achieve higher harmonics. The left drum, called the Duggi or Bayan, is the deeper sounding drum which makes the characteristic deep bending (gulping) sound. This tone is created by striking the skin of the Duggi with the fingers while pushing down on the skin with the palm of the same hand.

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Baya Head
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Clay Khole
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Manual Tabla
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Metal Hammer
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Tabla Baya Bass
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Tabla Case
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Tabla Head
Our price: $ 21.00
Tabla Top
Our price: $ 16.00