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Welcome Perfect Peninsula
We would like to welcome Perfect Peninsula to our growing list of quality vendors on Anything Indian. Perfect Peninsula provides quality kitchen products by Elgi, Nirlap, Ultra, Premier. They are the official distributors of these products in the US, and provide after sales service, and warranty support. If you are in the market for quality kitchen products check them out.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of our visitors and regular customers. We thank all of you who shop here regularly for letting A.I. be a part of your shopping experience. We know that you can go to many other sites out there for your needs, and appreciate your loyalty and trust. For all of our new visitors and customers, we thank you for visiting. We have a great selection of unique products, and hard to find products.  Get something unique for your family and friends.
Rakhi Bandhan 2012
Join us in celebrating Rakhi Bandhan 2012. Celebrate with our selection of products just for you.
Welcome The Soul of India
We would like to welcome the newest member of the A.I. Network. The Soul of India This vendor is bringing to you quality decorative furnishings. Fair trade guarantees that the craftsman who make The Soul of India products are paid a fair wage for their work. Check out their products and see for yourself what quality means.
Welcome WoodKing24
We would like to welcome the newest addition to the Anything Indian Network.... WoodKing24.  This vendor specializes in the production and manufacture of unique furniture pieces.  WoodKing 24 has a long history of providing quality furniture, custom pieces, and can be described as nothing less than works of art. Take a look at their profile, and their products.
Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team!!!
The Dhoni led Indian Cricket team has overcome the odds, and a great score by Sri Lanka to become the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Champions.  India has not been the winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup since 1983.  After many disappointing seasons, this years team has come together and put together a series of masterful performances to win at home.  Celebrate with Anything Indian on this joyous occasion.
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Indian Recipe Ideas

Indian Recipe Ideas

Indian food is a mix of sharp flavors, and healthy eating.  Many recipes are actually quite simple, and don't require a lot of skill to make.  Visit our blog to see some Indian Recipe ideas for the beginner, or for the more advanced chef share some of your tweaks, and insights with others.  If making food from scratch isn't your thing, browse our Indian Groceries category, and pick up some ready to eat items.  Most items can be made in 10 minutes or less.  Perfect for the person on the go, or just to try something different for dinner tonight.

Visit Indian Recipes on our blog, and try something different for dinner tonight.

Cricket WorldCup 2011

Get ready for the the Cricket WorldCup 2011

Here's a little history about the Cricket WorldCup

The first Cricket World Cup was held in 1975 in England. The first three tournaments were also known as Prudential Cup with the sponsorship of Prudential plc, a financial services company. The cricket matches consisted of 60 overs per team and it was played with traditional white uniform and red balls. There were only day matches and the tournament is held ever four years.

Till the 1992 Cricket World Cup, only 8 teams used to participate in the tournament. Later on, the number of teams increased and in Cricket World Cup 2007, 16 teams will participate. In 1975, England, New Zealand, India, East Africa, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka participated and in 1979 Canada replaced East Africa. In 1983, Zimbabwe entered the arena and Canada made the exit. The same teams participated in the 1987 Cricket World Cup. In 1992, South Africa joined the group and that year 9 teams participated in the tournament. By the year1996, the number of groups increased to 12 with the participation of three new teams UAE, Netherlands and Kenya. Bangladesh and Scotland replaced UAE and Netherlands in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. The number of teams in 2003 Cricket World Cup increased to 14 with the participation of Namibia and Canada and the non-participation of Scotland.

England consecutively hosted the first three tournaments and 1987 tournament became the first World Cup to be hosted outside England. Cricket World Cup 1987 introduced neutral umpires.

Many positive changes happened in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Colored clothing with names printed on the back and floodlights for most of the 36 games was introduced. It was also the beginning of the use of white balls, a change from the usual red balls. The fielding circle rules were refined allowing only two men outside the circle in the first 15 overs. The 1996 Cricket World Cup saw the first appearance of third umpire in front of the TV monitor.

There are some outstanding matches that added spirit to the tournament. Kenyas victory against West Indies in a match held at Pune in the 1996 Cricket World Cup in which Kenyas Maurice Odumbe and Rajab Ali took three wickets and crushed West Indies for 93. The match between Zimbabwe and Australia in the 1983 Cricket World Cup and the Indian captain Kapil Devs exceptional performance by hitting an undefeated 175 out of 266 for 8 during the same tournament was amazing. He hit 16 fours and six sixes to reach his score. The brilliant bowling performance of Englands Geoff Boycott, in the teams match against Australia and Pakistan is also unforgettable.

All the 9 cricket world cup tournaments played have also contributed many records in the Cricket World Cup History. The records are on best batting strike rate, highest individual scores, highest run-scorers, best bowling analysis, best bowling economy rate, best bowling strike rate, highest wicket-takers, highest team totals, lowest team totals, most cricket catches and most dismissals.

Though initially the cricket world cup captured the attention of hundreds of spectators, it has now attracted millions who are eagerly waiting to watch this years tournament.

 Interesting facts of Cricket World cup :
- Coloured clothing in world cup was first introduced in World Cup in 1992

- Neutral umpires firstly umpired the world cup in 1987.

- In World Cup, The 3rd umpire first umpired in 1996.

- The matches in world cup were reduced from 60 overs to 50 overs in 1987.

- Sri Lanka became the first site batting second to win the world cup in 1996.

- Chetan Sharma (India) is the first player to take a hat-trick in the world cup. He clean bowled Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield of New Zealand.

- The actual ICC trophy is not awarded since 1999, the trophy is awarded is exact replica except the name inscribed on the trophy. The actual trophy is kept at ICC head-quarters. 

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