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Ban Labs Ltd.
Ban Labs offers natural heath care and beauty products to encourage fit living and beauty through nourished looks. Ban Labs offer therapeutic products to provide healing effect to the body and mind to reduce anxiety, and to get timeless natural glossy looks. The beauty products offered by Ban Labs at Anything Indian are reasonably priced chemical-free herbal treatments and nourishing beauty products including medicines, cosmetics, dietary supplements, hair care natural extracts, hair re-growth products, beauty treatments, skin firming lotions, pore cleaners and nutritional supplements.
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Cutfar Oinment 15g
Our price: $ 10.95
Dermafex Oil 30ml
Our price: $ 11.45
Dermafex Soap 75g
Our price: $ 11.95
Sesa Hair Oil 90ml
Our price: $ 11.45
SixC Ointment 15g
Our price: $ 9.45