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The Soul of India
The Soul of India
The Soul of India is since 2003 busy setting up a large network of reliable manufacturers.
I started The Soul of India after visiting India 8 years ago. Traveling through India I noticed the beautiful craft work and the grown market in this industry outside India. Because of my interests I visited many manufacturers and become aware of the real situation. Most of the trade people were only hungry for money and didnít really take care of the well being of their laborers. It was part of Indian society and the kaste system in India. Working areas were dirty and unhealthy, they used unsafe machinery, the workers salaries were low and also had to work many hours a day. Things nothing had to do with honest business. Of course there are government regulations but many are not completely following the rules as they should. For me the sign to do something for these people and try to support projects in India and do something about Fair Trade. I quit my job and traveled through India for many months each year. Just to visit manufacturers and try to find reliable suppliers with the right mentality in the direction of Fair Trade.
As most importers I bought products from reliable companies and sold these through the website of  Anything Indian, and The Soul of India. Also visited fairs all over Holland. I hoped to support many projects for artisans with a part of the profit. In real this was very hard to do because of the high costs and the low economy in Holland.

My target is to support artisans and small producers and create a market for their products. Also try to guide bigger exporters in the direction of fair trade. Hope to create better working conditions for the workers in the handicraft industry. Make their life a bit easier. To achieve this goal The Soul of India will move to India. From out of India we can guide the projects and serve our international customers in a better way. Thatís why I will sell all our stocks, which are based in Holland, for very low prices.

The prices in the cataloge are without transport costs and VAT (only EU countries). Outside the EU itís possible to pay some import tax, but most of the time there is no tax because these products are originally coming from an developing country.

Hope to have informed you. Thanks for your support!

Eugen Boer - The Soul of India

The Soul of India Fair Trade Stamp

Eugen de Boer
The Soul of India